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Juno’s Hope Dog Rescue and Adoption 

Meet Our Team

Frank Atchley


Frank has had dogs since he was 5. He has always been a huge lover of all animals, but dogs take the #1 spot. If he had to choose his favorite breed it would be the Jack Russell Terrier (quickly followed by every other one). Frank is a dog pawrent to 4 amazing pups and spends his free time spoiling them. He started Juno's Hope after one of his pups (Juno) was killed by a reckless driver during a walk. Over the course of 10 years, Frank has volunteered with many rescues and shelters and has worked for a couple dog care companies. He has also volunteered with churches, synagogues, homeless shelters, and schools. When he’s not working with dogs he is studying to become a paramedic. 

Dani Holman

Vice President

This is Dani, preferred pronouns are they/them! Lover of all fur, scale, and feather covered companions! Dani’s had dogs since they were knee high to a grasshopper. Their favorite breed of dog is a happy one - but most of all Collies and Frenchies! Currently Dani is a pawrent to one floof (pictured here). Dani’s free time is spent gazing upon Eureka, their four legged heavily furry companion, and catching up on true crime podcasts.

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Juan Polanco

General Board Member

Juan's love for dogs has been a recent development and he has quickly found a deep love for man's best friend. He enjoys taking his dog, Cocoa Chanel for walks thru his neighborhood. One of Juan's favorite things is to wag his tail at any given bar on the weekends.

Lucid Matthews

General Board Member

Lucid is volunteering for the first time and is excited to start this journey with us. Lucid's pronouns are magical cat boy or any others. Lucid is a great dancer and you can always find them in a crowd...just look for the fuzzy cat ears.

Ryan Swenson

General Board Member

Ryan spent part of his youth on a farm and loves animals. He always had at least 3 dogs at any given time growing up. Ryan previously volunteered at Texas Orthopedic Hospital helping humans and is excited to be helping Juno's Hope with its mission to help dogs. Ryan is a software engineer and is also a partner in a community-based digital radio station in the Montrose area.

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General Board Member

Info coming soon!

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General Board Member

Info coming soon!

Echo Atchley

Chief Snack Officer (CSO)

Echo is our Chief Snack Officer. As our resident chonk, he’s an expert when it comes to eating. He knows all the best snacks and the best times to eat them (all of them, all of the time)

Echo is a 3 year old Plott Hound.  

Hex Atchley

Chief Cuddle Officer (CCO)

Hex is our Chief Cuddle Officer. He does his best to make sure there is always a hand petting him and will nuzzle his way into anyones arms. He does a great job at being a smile to peoples faces with his hugs. 

Hex is a 4 year old Black Lab Mix. 

Queso Atchley

Chief Toy Officer (CTO)

Queso is our Chief Toy Officer. She’s truly an expert at picking out the perfect toy for any occasion or time of day. Because of this we put her in charge of “purchasing” all of our toys so that every pup that comes thru gets great playtime.

Queso is a 2 year old Pit/Terrier Mix. 

Cooper Atchley

Chief Nap Officer (CNO)

Cooper is our Chief Nap Officer. He’s a pro when it comes to snoozing. He knows all the best spots, positions, and times to take a great nap. It only makes sense to have him let all the other pups know!

Cooper is a 2 year old Blue Tick/Rat Terrier Mix.